Andelina Mosole Andreas (20), daughter of Eunike and Joao Ningui, can be used as an example of enduring perseverance and welding the spirit of never giving up despite her circumstances.
Having obtained her matric in 2014 with a bachelors pass at the age of 16 she was unfortunately unable to begin her studies despite being accepted at multiple universities due to financial constraints.
In 2016 the Angolan Dutch Reformed Church was introduced to the Angolan people of Oskraal (BRITS) and thus her journey began. Having volunteered in church functions she was appointed youth leader and also began helping in church secretarial duties. In one of these occasions, prof. dr. Hannes Knoetze informed her of the theological bursary offered by the Dutch Reformed Church in Northern Cape after having viewed her potential and how she would be able to transform both her life and the lives of those in her community.
Fast-forward to 2019 and Andelina is the first Angolan successful recipient of the bursary which pays a quarter of her fees. With the help of friends and family, lending a helping hand where needed, she is hoping to complete her degree in BA Pastoral Psychology at the North West University Vaal Campus.
Andelina is forever grateful to the church for giving her the opportunity to pursue her dreams as only the grace of God would allow her to finally reap the rewards of her patience and hard work.
(Prof. JJ Knoetze – sinodale Kommissie vir diens en getuienis)